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When we learn art history — or anything for that matter — we get it served up in neat little categories which makes it all so much easier to digest.  And then, little by little,  it becomes clear that those neat little compartments aren’t quite as distinct as we thought they were.  That behind every new style, every technical innovation, every discovery there is a criss-crossing of conversations, exchanges, observations…

Looks like a Chinese porcelain bowl? Well, it is made of glass by 18th-century Italian Francesco Vezzi in Venice, Italy (1720-1724).

That’s what I find so enchanting about a show at the Corning Museum of Glass:  “East Meets West: Cross-Cultural Influences in Glassmaking in the 18th and 19th Centuries” is all about far flung artists and artisans learning from each other.   I highlight some of these connections in my review in the WSJ and you can read more about it on the museum’s web-site.




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Vajrapani - Bodhisattva

A worthwhile collection of Tibetan art in Newark — that in itself to most will seem like the ultimate oxymoron.  As one friend wrote to me, “I thought Newark was a cultural wasteland.”  Wrong.  At least not within the wall of the Newark Museum where a very dynamic curator has reinstalled the Tibetan galleries, striking a balance between treating works as religious icon, cultural artifact, and art (I try to convey a sense of that in my review for Wall Street Journal).   To get a sense of the museum’s TIbetan collection, check out its web site as well as its pages on the  Himalayan Art web site.