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between mental and physical realities   1 comment

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This is a fascinating glimpse into an artist, mostly self-taught, who recorded the world around him year after year after year.  David Byrd’s  home is full of canvases that were seen ‘publicly’ for the first time by Andrea Hull’s camera and in a show a neighbor and fellow artist, Jody Isaacson, helped bring about.  What particularly fascinates me here are the scenes Mr. Byrd painted from his years working in a psychiatric hospital, where patients were caught between their physical and mental realities.

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by David Byrd

You can watch the 10-mn video on the site of Seattle Art Zone, a PBS program devoted to the arts.  Link to the 4/5/2013 show and click on Art Zone Web Extra: David Byrd created by Andrea Hull.  You can also try this direct link (which sometimes works…).

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by David Byrd

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by David Byrd


Frames rule   1 comment

Slap a piece of wood around a painting, and you’ve created a border  — a signal that the viewer is leaving one kind of space and moving into another.  Carve and gild that border and you’re declaring that what is inside is special, very special.

And sometimes the frame itself can grow so exuberant, so loudly and proudly does it proclaim the specialness of what it contains that viewers have to work really hard to tear their attention away from the  border…to the special object it is framing.

Altar in a baroque church in Lecce -- is there any other kind?

Altar in a baroque church in Lecce — is there any other kind?