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Borderland or dead end?   Leave a comment

Do you think of tombs as marking a threshold, a commemoration of that ultimate borderland between life on earth and an after life?  Or do you see tombs as signalling the end of a person’s existence?  In reviewing a show currently at the China Institute Gallery, I discovered that the Jin dynasty in 13th-century China may have been paying lip service to the first theory while really subscribing to the second…making this show of funerary art all the more appealing to an aficionado of old cemeteries


Somewhere between sculpture and architecture — even landscape   1 comment

They’re sculptures, but you walk through them and experience them the way you experience a building.  I’m talking about the work of Richard Serra, whose  “Junction” and “Cycle” are — what? on view? open? available for hiking, the way gorges carved by time and the elements are?  — at Gagosian Gallery in NY.  

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Something so compelling about stone displaying the softness of flesh and  bronze looking wounded.  Yes, those are bloody cuts on the pugilist’s ears — they think they let the metal corrode to denote blood.

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A DYING ART?   1 comment

a sweet tribute spotted in Darien, GA, a little town south of Savannah.

These new cemeteries with flat grave markers and clumps of flowers real and fake just don’t do it for me.  Give me broken off columns, urns draped with a cloth  perpetually sliding off its shoulders, sweet little cherubs forever smiling down on us mortals.  Yes, there are artists working in ceramics and metal who are making urns for our loved ones’ ashes (or what the funerary homes call “cremains”).  But is anyone today sculpting  statuary that speaks of lives cut short and the hope of life eternal?